Bijan began his professional career as a vocalist in sanandaj radio center. A new age in Bijan’s life, in fact in Iranian traditional music, began when he started playing Daf. From then on, the instrument that was playing only in Khaneghahs (mosque of dervishes) found its path toward public places, thanks to Bijan Kamkar. The enthusiastic reception of audiences and Bijan’s powerful hands were became the reasons for Daf to continue its energetic presence in Iranian music so much, that today it is an inseparable part if it.

Tahmoures Pournazeri is a musician and composer whose creativity and inventiveness have marked him as a distinguished artist of his generation. He has been acclaimed by the U.S. Senate for composing music for the International Norooz Celebration, and collaborated with artists like Joan Baez, Shujaat Hussain Khan, and master Mohammad Reza Shajarian. He has composed for fifteen albums covering six genres of music, participated in the Avignon festival at the age of 15, won first honors among Young Iranian Talents at age 14, and performed with the Shams Ensemble at the most celebrated concert halls of Iran starting at age 12.