Sufi Music Festival/konya

Shams ensemble co-directed and composed by Keykhosro Poornazeri and singing Homayoun Shajarian, accompanied by Tahmors Poornazeri and Sohrab Poornazeri on September 25 at the Sofia Music Festival in Konya.

According to reports, this program is the first performance of Homayoun Shajarian, along with the Tonborshmans group, and new works are to be produced from the works of Keykhosro Pournazari in the festival.
The Sufi Mystical Music Festival, with the presence of artists from different countries of the world, goes on stage every year. Other artists of Shams group in this program are Hossein Rezaeinia, Azad Mirzapour, Ayin Meshkatian, Kaveh Graylie, Kimia Jamshid, Shemakali and Sepehriman playing the tombstones.