Canada Concert Tour 2019

Following the highly successful series of concerts held in Canada in 2018, Homayoun Shajarian, Tahmoures and Sohrab Pournazeri performed on stage in a number of Canadian cities along with a number of talented musicians in 2019.


Vocals: Homayoun Shajarian
Tanbour, Tar, Setar : Tahmoures Pournazeri
Tanbour, Kamancheh, Setar : Sohrab Pournazeri
Barbat, Setar : Azad Mirzapour
Santour : Mahyar Toreihi
Daf : Hossein Rezaeenia
Percussion : Aeen Meshkatian, Homayoun Nasiri
Guitar Bass: Arin Keshishi
String Quartet

Canada Concert Tour – Toronto

Location: Toronto, ON
Venue: Toronto Meridian Hall
Date: 2019 – December – 06

Canada Concert Tour – Montreal

Location: Montreal, QC, Canada
Venue: L’Olympia de Montréal
Date: 2019 – December – 08

Canada Concert Tour – Vancouver

Location: Vancouver, BC
Venue: Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Corner of Georgia and Hamilton
Date: 2019 – December – 13

Canada Concert Tour – Calgary

Location: Calgary
Venue: Jack Singer Concert Hall
Date: 2019 – December – 20